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The Creative Press theme is an originally created for wordpress by Jinsona and ported to blogger byCahaya Biru.
Creative Press Blogger Template
As you may be familiar with Jinsona's style, this template is a full power theme that incorporates a lot of Jazzy features like the slider. For some reason this template structure resembles another of Jinsona's design the Scarlett theme. Perhaps because of the search button in the header section.

Although the creative press is functionally robust it does manage to fit into the slick design category, a good reason for that is the single drop down rather than a double and the open slider design gives it a free feeling.

The laptop in the header makes this blog suitable for a tech website and just above that the menu navigation and blog title on the top left is seen. The main column starts off with a welcome to the blog section.

Then you have the featured posts which I think is integrated with the main posts, maybe I am wrong. The posts on the home page have an automatic read more function. The right hand side holds a single sidebar that then breaks up into two. The sidebar starts off with a widget displaying the recent posts and below that is a twitter update display.

The ad that lies in the sidebar seems to be out of place as its not inline with the twitter section. This can be worked around, finally the sidebars break into two columns and the blog ends with a widget enabled footer section.

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