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Beautiful business blogger templates are like needles in a hay stack, but the Antagonist from be-Insight is a wonderful theme for any professional who wants to display his identity online.
Antagonist business template
This blog uses javascripts to create a look that no template has offered blogspot yet. Your homepage is divided into three sections thanks to the navbar, not really divided but the javascript functionality completely changes the page feel.

This template basically features an about, networks and blog section, the image above features the networking tab, if you click on any of the other tabs, this page compresses and then expands to feature the next tab that you have selected.

The blog has a fully functional blog, under the blog tab, this is definitely one of the themes that pushes the capabilities of blogger to a level that has not seen before.

Although it would be even nicer to have a magazine style theme like this one. You can download the template from the link below, its available in four different colours.

Download the Antagonist Business Theme

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