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Jeans blogger template is designed by Template Mo and converted to blogger by Best Theme. Its a 3-column template that includes summarised posts on home page, sliding gallery and footer space.
Jeans blogger template
The blog title is in the middle of the menu bar on top, on the label of the jeans. Below that there is a broad space to write either an introductory note, a welcome message or anything else.

The main post area is divided into 3 columns to display summaries of each post with a Read More link to the complete article, and on entering the post author name and date stamp shows up after the headline, while the labels and comments come at the end of the post.

An interesting feature of this template is the sliding photo gallery at the bottom, you can add 100x100 image and link it to your post. To activate this feature, go to Edit Html and look for the below code -

<div id='SlideItMoo_items'>
<div class='SlideItMoo_element'>
<a href='#'>

<img alt='css template' src='http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_yPlAAAH9bEo/TFMEvsZVqtI/AAAAAAAAD_c/DWr7U8m-LBg/s1600/templatemo_image_03.jpg'/></a>

Change the links at the relevant spots and save it. There is a 4-column footer space as well for you to add blogger widgets etc.

Download the Jeans Blog Template

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