Templates para Blogs Premium Grátis: Zinmag Monezine Template

The Zimag Series for Blogger gets another addition with Cahaya's Monezine Template. Monezine was designed by Jinsona for wordpress and now its ready for your blogger blog!
Zinmag Monezine Template
The Monezine templates starts off with a thin strip before the blog title that hols the post and comments RSS icon and a search bar on the far right. Below that is space for the blog title as well as a big leaderboard advertisement on its right. Then we have two drop down menus that enable you to categorize your blog very well.

The speciality of monezine is that it enables you to monetize your blog, the featured content slider in this blog allows you to insert a leaderboard advertisement on each of these slides.

After that starts the main column, the best part about this template is that you do not need to put code for the readmore as its automatically done by the template. Under the headline we have the posted by author stamp and the date with complimenting icons.

Where the mini post on the home page ends there is a thin seperator line with the read more link with an icon on the right and a comment count on the left with a speech bubble icon. The sidebar is multicolumn, a single column that branches off into two, with a three column tab widget built into it along with ad boxes.
Zinmag Monezine Template Footer
The beauty of this template flows to the footer as well with some beautiful icons for the headings for the About, Recent Comments and Recent Posts section.

Download the Zinmag Monezine Template

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